Card Layout Challenge #148

This week we have a book card challenge that was sent to me by Monica Hofman. Let’s see what you can do with this format!

I am looking for new layout challenges for the new year!

Have you made a card with a layout you like?  Have you seen a card with a layout you like?  If so, please email me privately with it!!  I am looking for some new card layouts.

Upload your artwork to your personal photo album.  This can be an OSA Yahoo! Photo album, Flickr, PictureTrail, etc.  Then post a link to your artwork HERE in the comments section when you have completed our challenge.  Or, you can also post a link to your artwork on OSA. Come back on Sunday to see who has taken the challenge this week!

Do you want your design featured?  Just email me (Sonia E.) your original design and you will be featured in an upcoming challenge this year!



Layout #147 Participants

This week our ladies were busy creating oriental Christmas cards.  I hope you get inspired by these and do your own!

Card Layout Challenge #147

Yes, I do have sketches for more weekly challenges! BUT one of our members suggested to have a week where members were free to create a piece of artwork with any layout they wanted.  I thought that was a good idea, but I decided to add something a bit more specific.  How about making Oriental Christmas cards?

If you need some inspiration here are two links.  Some cards will be rubber stamped, others will be not:

If you have other links to rubber stamped Oriental Christmas cards, please sent them to me and I’ll them to this blog.


Layout #146 Participants

There weren’t too many takers this week, but do look at the lovely creations:

Card Layout Challenge #146

This week, we have Annette Warkentin’s design to try out.  I LOVE it because it’s a bit whimsical…a bit different and fanciful.  I want you to have fun with this design!

Card Layout #146

Don’t forget to send me your sketches!


Layout #145 Participants

Here you go!

Card Layout Challenge #145

Margo sent in a card she liked.  Here is the card.  Take a look at the layout and let’s see what you can make with it!

Card Layout #145

Don’t forget to send me your sketches!


Layout #144 Participants