Card Layout Challenge #196

Well….this week we are NOT going to have a card challenge.  It’s project week!  This project was sent in by Annette Warkentin.  You will need a Pringles type can.  The following part of Annette’s challenge is not verbatim.  I did change it a bit to post as a challenge.

Pringles cans are great to hold rubber stamp wheels, but they also make great gift containers for cookies.  If you want to use a decorated-cans-of-any-kind [you] can see for [yourselves] what the challenge entails.  The cans could be soup cans to store paintbrushes or whatever.  Just trying to think outside the box and  make something useful as well as have some fun.

Are you game?  If so, here is one more thing that might encourage you to do this challenge! About Art Accents/Art Neko will give a ‘prize’ to the most uniquely decorated can. The membership will decide!

Take a look at some non-Asian examples of decorated cans.  Remember, yours must be decorated Asian style.  It does not have to be holiday related.  Let’s see what you can do!!

Project Layout #196


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