Card Layout Challenge #229

Not quite a card layout, but…….
The new Challenge #229 was suggested by Annette.  We actually did a mingle one time doing something similar to this. You will have TWO WEEKS to complete this challenge.

Challenge:  A Treasure Chest!
Treasure chests have always been fun, so you might consider having a layout that incorporates ‘self’ on a decorated box.
The box could be any size box with a lid.  You would choose whatever parts of your ‘self’ that suits you.  Of course, stamped images are a must.

You will need to gather materials:

  • 1 box with a lid…any kind of box, something you can glue paper onto.  It can be made of thick cardboard (not corrugated), wood, pressed board, etc. Think “Decoupage box”, but does not have to be that. It can be any size.
  • Rubber Stamps — at least ONE oriental related
  • Adhesive — paper cement, rubber cement, PPA
  • Decorative Papers

Theme:  Be thinking about traits that tells us something about YOU.  What you like, things you do..anything that can be incorporated into an oriental theme.

Optional items:

  • tissue paper
  • fabric
  • embellishments

…A stamper who also is a gardener might stamp a plain sheet of tissue paper with flower images, color them, and use paper cement, rubber cement, PPA, or PPA to adhere the paper to both lid and box.

…A stamper who loves kimonos and geishas could use these as her theme using both collage sheets and stamped images.
…Stamped wrapping paper torn and adhered…

The backs of some wrapping papers are white, so it would be a perfect weight to use for stamping and decorating a box.
Stampers could also stamp fabric to cover a box.

As a Bonus, is sponsoring the self layout box by giving all Oriental Stamp Art member participants who use their images, a $10 coupon good on any $20 order.


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