Card Layout Challenge #236

I came across a card on Pinterest whose design caught my eye!  You will need different shades of one color.  Scraps would work well for this.  Think of how paint chips show gradation in color.  That’s how this card is going to look.  Please note:  The sketch shows there are spaces between each shade of color.  THERE SHOULD NOT BE ANY SPACES between them. 

You will need one main rubber stamp image and one small text image.  I look forward to seeing your work!

Card Layout #236

Card Layout #236

****Remember, your card design must be oriental in nature. There must be at least one stamped item on your card.

I invite you to create a card using this week’s challenge. Upload it to your personal photo album.  This can be an OSA gallery album, an OSA Yahoo! Photo album, Flickr, PictureTrail, etc.  Then post a link to your artwork HERE in the comments section when you have completed our challenge.  Or, you can also post a link to your artwork on OSA. Come back on Sunday to see who has taken the challenge this week!

Do you want your design featured?  Just email me (Sonia E.) your original design and you will be featured in an upcoming challenge this year!


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