Card Layout Challenge #320

One of our OSA members recommended we do this layout that I created for one of the swaps I joined.  It is a combination of the card layout, but it also has a technique component.  

Card Layout #320

Card Layout #320

The layout has two parts: the top part which is stamped and the bottom that is passed through an embossing machine.  Joining both parts is a very thin ribbon.

To do the background sun, punch out a small circle out of printer paper or sticky notes and set it aside.  Place the reverse hole template in the center of the top piece of cardstock.  Sponge your ink to create the sun.  You may use any color or combination of colors for the sun.  Make some areas darker and some lighter.  

Remove the reverse hole template. If you wish, you may cover your sun with the punched out circle before sponging the rays, or you could just make the rays around the sponged image uncovered.  I tried both ways and I preferred to sponge the rays around the sun without covering the sun first.  I was just careful not to sponge lines inside the sun.

To make the rays, use a straight edge from a scrap piece of cardstock or printer paper.  Evenly space the lines and sponge darkly along the edge, feathering outward a bit.  For me, I made the sponged cardinal points first (north, east, and west) and then filled in the spaces.  I was better able to control the widths and spacing of the rays.  When done, you might need to touch-up or blend certain areas to smooth out the ink.

Stamp your image(s) on the top. Finish the bottom with an embossed cardstock and ribbon.

Hope this makes sense.  Email me if you have questions.  It looks complicated, but it really isn’t!


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  1. Laurel S.
    May 08, 2015 @ 05:25:33

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