Card Layout Challenge #162

Today is Hina Matsuri or Girl’s Day in Japan.  This week’s challenge suggestion was also sent to me by Alexis Smith, but IN NOVEMBER.  I had saved it for this week.

Hina Matsuri Day Info:

Why not do a Hina Doll this week?  To do this challenge, view any of the links below to give you an idea of how to make the dolls and incorporate them into a card.

You Tube:

Written Instructions:

Google Images Directions:

Have you made a card with a layout you like?  Have you seen a card with a layout you like?  If so, please email me privately with it!!  I am looking for some new card layouts.

Upload your artwork to your personal photo album.  This can be an OSA Yahoo! Photo album, Flickr, PictureTrail, etc.  Then post a link to your artwork HERE in the comments section when you have completed our challenge.  Or, you can also post a link to your artwork on OSA. Come back on Sunday to see who has taken the challenge this week!

Do you want your design featured?  Just email me (Sonia E.) your original design and you will be featured in an upcoming challenge this year!



Card Layout Challenge #147

Yes, I do have sketches for more weekly challenges! BUT one of our members suggested to have a week where members were free to create a piece of artwork with any layout they wanted.  I thought that was a good idea, but I decided to add something a bit more specific.  How about making Oriental Christmas cards?

If you need some inspiration here are two links.  Some cards will be rubber stamped, others will be not:

If you have other links to rubber stamped Oriental Christmas cards, please sent them to me and I’ll them to this blog.